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Shampoo 4

This product is amazing, after spending so much money for treatments to treat fleas & ticks, this shampoo is sensational! It got rid of it in one wash!

Not only did it kill/eliminate the fleas & ticks, but it left my dog’s (long haired Alsatian) coat so soft, not scratching anymore and peaceful with himself, thank God!!

This product is fantastic and well worth the money!


Shampoo 3

This is wonderful, my EBT has no flakes anymore after using it once! It lathers up really well and only a little is needed. It smells lovely, she has stopped itching and her coat is so shiny & soft! The pump action is a really good idea especially if you’ve got an escapee from the tub dog! Worth every penny, will absolutely buy again.


Shampoo 2

This is the best dog shampoo I have ever used. I have two 16-week-old puppies and they had some dander but not anymore! I loved using the shampoo because it has a lovely natural smell. It lathers very well, and the pump makes it extremely easy to use. I really cannot say enough how lovely this product is to use and I would highly recommend you try it😁🐶🐶

Mrs. C. M. Lewis


Our Mission is to interest, educate and encourage you into making our Natural & Organic grooming products an integral part of your dog’s health plan. Our vision was to create the finest premium range of highly potent natural and organic products which channels the raw remedial power of Nature, using her most ancient and purest sources of energy – plants, flowers, and herbs.

After being disappointed and frustrated with "Natural" and "Organic" dog grooming products, you either got performance with a myriad of toxic ingredients mixed in with the natural & organic ones, or you got really good high-quality products with natural ingredients but they didn't perform as expected. We knew that the only way to get a truly natural & organic dog grooming range that outperformed a chemical-based line and non-performing natural products would be to create it ourselves.