We are proud to announce that our full range of sustainable products are now officially registered with The Vegan Society!

The Vegan Trademark is the authentic international gold standard in vegan labelling.

Every ingredient we use has been thoroughly researched and verified by The Vegan Society as having no animal products used at all during the entire manufacturing process.

What does this mean for us as a brand for registering with the Vegan Society?

It confirms our Natural and Organic Dog grooming products are 100% vegan, after careful analysis of our ingredients used; all the way from where our ingredients are sourced, to how the product is made and of course, the final result. Just look out for The Vegan Society stamp of approval sunflower symbol on all our packaging for 100% vegan products.

You can now shop with the confidence that each and every one of our products conform to the strict requirements maintained by The Vegan Society, of being free from animal-derived ingredients and animal testing.

All our products are cruelty-free (we never test on animals) and we always say exactly what’s in each product.

We do not use beeswax in our products (The Vegan Society – The honey industry). We never include synthetic ingredients such as fragrance, sls, parabens and mineral oil, in our entire range.


Kind to the environment

The production of plant-based ingredients is a much more efficient use of our resources, as it requires less energy from fossil fuels as well as less land and water. By opting for vegan products we can play our part in reducing humanity’s damaging impact on our environment. All of the plant based ingredients we use are also biodegradable which means they will not harm the environment when we wash the product off our skin.

Kind to animals

By choosing vegan products you can be happy in the fact that absolutely no animals were exploited in the production of making this product, and you are not contributing towards mass animal agriculture or animal testing in any way.

Kind to skin

Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products we apply to it, which is a scary thought if those products are synthetic, processed and full of preservatives. Vegan beauty products don’t contain any animal ingredients, animal by-products or animal-derived products, such as lanolin (which is the grease from sheep’s wool), carmine (from crushed cochineal insects) and uric acid from cows. These ingredients can be harsh and clog pores, so vegan products are a soothing alternative

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