Only the finest and natural dog products


For more than 30 years we have pursued a journey to live a wholesome lifestyle.

This has led us to a greater understanding of the synergy between nature and Humans.

The benefits of living with nature can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses.

Being a dog lover I knew we could apply the same fundamental principles to our animal friends.

I learned that many dog grooming products are dangerous; they contain ingredients that are known carcinogens (i.e. they cause cancer) Stomach disorders, Loss of memory, Immune dysfunction, Organ system toxicity, and skin irritants.

After being disappointed and frustrated with “Natural” and “Organic” dog grooming products, you either got performance with a myriad of toxic ingredients mixed in with the natural & organic ones, or you got really good high-quality products with natural ingredients but they didn’t perform as expected.

Very few of these brands were also not registered with the Vegan society.

We knew that the only way to get a truly natural, organic, and Vegan dog grooming range that outperformed a chemical-based line and non-performing natural products would be to create it ourselves.

Our vision was to create the finest premium range of highly potent natural, organic and Vegan products that channel the raw remedial power of Nature, using her most ancient and purest sources of energy – plants, flowers, and herbs.

Creating our own brand tuned out to be a difficult journey.

We started by visiting natural and organic formulation companies.

Two options we were presented included using their existing range which could be re-branded under your own Band name. This option is called white-label or private labelling. This method is the most simple and quickest to market.

The other approach was to use a ready-made commercially available organic shampoo base and add essential oils. Many products are developed this way but for us, we wanted a provenance over the origins of each ingredient and to be developed from the ground up using the finest organic ingredients.

Our other concern was these products would not pass the rigorous qualifications set out by the Vegan Society registration which was a key part of our ethos.

After nearly one year of searching, we were introduced to our formulator by one of our expert contacts.

Our formulators Credentials.

Over 40 years experience as a fully trained Certified Natural Health Care Practitioner in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, and Holistic Skin Care both in the UK and North America.

Founder and Director of the Institute of Aromatherapy, author of many books on aromatherapy and Holistic Health including essential oils for Animals.

She is a fellow member of the International Federation of Health & Beauty Therapists (FSBTh), and member of the International Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), and the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. Past President, CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists),

She travels around the world teaching Aromatherapy

After many consultations, samples, and testing we had a formulation for our first product.

Before production, the formulation was thoroughly vetted by the Vegan society which was a very extensive process.

The Vegan Trademark is the authentic international gold standard in Vegan labelling.

Every ingredient we use has been thoroughly researched and verified by The Vegan Society as having no animal products used at all during the entire manufacturing process.

It confirms our Natural and Organic Dog grooming products are 100% vegan, all the way from where our ingredients are sourced, to how the product is made and of course, the final result.

The next stage in our journey was to find a certified organic soil association accredited manufacturer who was a specialist in natural and vegan products.

This was also a challenge. Our manufacturing partner needed the ability to hot-fill our Balms and have the machinery to deal with premium Italian glass jars.

A well-established network with the finest grade organic materials from around the world was also a priority, providing traceability and sustainability which upheld our core brand ethos of provenance over the origins of each ingredient.

It took over 2 years from the conception of our idea to develop ProGroom Organix Dog Care Products, which sets the gold standard for premium quality.

We have crafted our unique products from scratch. We have only used the finest Highest human cosmetic grade active organic ingredients, enriched with a blend of 100% Organic Natural therapeutic grade Essential oils.

Each ingredient is designed to work in harmony with each other, so that ProGroom Organix products can highly perform.

We have also formulated our products so as not to be too overwhelmingly scented as dogs have such a strong sense of smell and too much use of Essential oils can be irritating to skin (human AND animals). We do not go overboard on scent just for the human’s pleasure, as the less scent; the more enjoyable for your animal friends.

Our all-natural dog grooming products are safer for dogs.  When we use natural dog products, we have fewer worries about long-term side effects due to exposure to chemicals.  Our dogs are already exposed to environmental chemicals on a daily basis; let’s reduce this exposure wherever we can by choosing ProGroom.

Our Mission is to interest, educate and encourage you into making our Natural & Organic grooming products an integral part of your dog’s health plan.

Thank you for considering natural and organic products for your dog! Love your dog the ProGroom way!